GE Energy was a large scale project with several issues we needed to tackle: Corporate Site Redesign. GE Energy is made of several smaller business units. The task at hand was to come up with a new site design and consistent navigation across all the business sites, and consistent, usable interfaces for their customer-facing applications. My role for this project was to facilitate the discussions with Leadership, work with Content to do a thorough content audit, and come up with a workable information architecture for the corporate content, develop navigation standards and implement them across all the subsidiary business units, and help incorporate any new acquisitions into the newly-developed IA. User Interface Design. Once Leadership agreed on a direction for design and navigation across the site, we turned our attention to our applications. We started with their larges application, Parts Edge. I was embedded in the Parts Edge team and worked fully with Business Analysts during the requirements phase, and then took over interaction design for the application.

Standards. The team was only 4 people - Content, Visuals, Project Managment, and IA. Due to the volume of work, I was tasked with writing the application design standards for use by the smaller (3-7 screen) applications.

Projects: redesign, GE Parts Edge redesign, GE Outage Optimizer redesign


Outage Optimizer

Ge Parts Edge

GE Parts Edge